Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool # 4 "M to oving up to the clouds

LA/SS will use google docs especially for notes and for editing student's essays. Roger and I can use form tools for making corrections This is another form of communication between the student/teacher. We can easily make comments on the student's paper almost at the same time.. I am still concerned about the steps!.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool # 3 video embed - Paul Revere

Tool # 3

Found a powerful video on the American Revolution with amazing political cartoon, engravings, published articles, painting. Background music impacted pictures of the American Revolution. Good overview for American Revolution unit.

On copyright laws video I learned the 4 user rights to keep in mind  are: nature, purpose, effect and amount. Does the person cite correctly for his purpose?

Overwhelmed or excited

I have been diligently reading and experimenting with these new blogging concepts for 2 1'2 hours and I feel overwhelmed a little. However, I know I must accept and achieve this "new method" for the students. I understand the importance of technology and I remember the first computers too for "writing essays and reports" only. Now the world is connected through social networking and websites and I can see the person with whom I am talking. The endless possibilities of interaction between friends, colleagues  and students. Imagine that!